Managing Change Consultancy Ltd

A warm welcome from Director, Anita Wright, to our new Managing Change Consultancy website which is being developed during the corona virus/COVID 19 pandemic lockdown.

What we hope to do is offer an opportunity for information to be shared and discussions to take place that might help older people continue to live happy lives at this unusual and scary time.

We’d love to hear from you.¬† Whether you’re shielding or self isolating, or whether you are working – at home or still going into work, or are one of those¬† wonderful people helping save lives or making sure we have food and drink or collecting domestic bin rubbish…

2 thoughts on “Managing Change Consultancy Ltd”

  1. Its Anita here – starting the ball rolling

    Have you got everything you need? Are you coping?

    Are you having difficulty getting your shopping?

    Aren’t all those retail staff wonderful still going into work to serve the nation’s needs? It’s really pleasing to see that most of the shops we might frequent for our essential supplies are now limiting the number of people in the shop at any one time to protect their staff and customer and also giving their staff gloves to wear.

    But are all the public respecting the rules? Do all the public, especially those whose first language is not English, understand the rules?

    Can those who are shielding go on line and order a delivery?

    Do you know who which essential services to contact for what and how?

    Are you in regular contact with friends and family and neighbours?

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